• Kids Tournaments & Clubs

    Updated Aug 2, 2017. Please report any corrections/updates to help at bayareachess.com.
  • Labor Day Weekend - Scholastic Event

    2017 Bay Area Labor Day Kids' Championship

    Saturday, Sep 2, 2017

    @ Santa Clara Convention Center (map)

    Trophies to:
    Top 10 players in each sections (winning record required)
    Top 5 Clubs & Top 5 Schools in all sections combined
    Sections & Schedule
    1299-900, 899-600, 599-300, u300

    Time Control: G/30;d5
    Online registration: Sunday 8:30-9am
    Round times: 9:30am, 11am, lunch, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm
    Trophy ceremony: around 4:30pm
    Entry Fee: $47
    Play-up fee: $10
    Late Fee: +$15 after 8/28
  • A NATIONAL event!

    2017 US National G/30 Championship
    Saturday, Sept 23

    2017 US National G/60 Championship
    Sunday, Sept 24

    @ Santa Clara Convention Center(map)

    Trophies to:
    Trophies to Top 15 players in each section
    Top 10 Clubs and Top 10 Schools in combined section. 
    Sections & Schedule
    999-800, 799-600, 599-400, 399-200, u200
    Time Control: G/30;d5
    Online registration: Saturday or Sunday 8-8:30am
    G/30 Saturday: Round times: 9am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm
    G/60 Sunday: Round times: 9am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm
    Entry Fee: $54 (for G/30 or G/60)
    Discounted entry fee: $94 for both US G/30 and US G/60 
    Play-up fee: $10
    Late fee: +$15 after 9/17

  • An ALL GIRL event!

    2017 Northern American All Girls Championship
    Saturday and/or Sunday, Nov 4-5
    @ Santa Clara Biltmore (map)

    Trophies to:
    Top 10 players in each sections (winning record required)
    Top 5 unrated in u400 section
    Top 5 Clubs & Top 5 Schools in all sections combined.
    Special Prizes
    $48,000 scholarship to Webster to Top HS student
    Free SPF Summer Camp entry to the Winner of 1400+
    Free BAC chess camp entry to all section winners
    Sections & Schedule
    1400+, 1000-1399, 700-999, 400-699, u400 & unr. 

    For players rated 1000 & up - 2 day event on Saturday & Sunday
    Time Control: G/75 d5
    Online registration: Saturday 8-8:30am
    Round times: Sat 9a, Sat 1p, Sat 4p, Sun 9:30a, Sun 12:30p

    For players rated under 1000 - 1 day event on SUNDAY
    Time Control: G/30 d5
    Online registration: Sunday 8-8:30am
    Round times: Sun 9a, 10:30a, 12:30p, 2p, 4p
    2-day event: $57
    1-day event: $43
    Late Fee: $15 after 10/25
    Play-up: +$10

  • Kids One Day Signature Events
    All over the Bay Area! on Every Weekend!

    Trophies to all players with winning record
    Medals to all others
    Swiss @ 10a: 4 rounds SS x G/30
    Quads @ 2p (req. checkin from 1:30p): 3 games (round robin) x G/30
    Ideal for getting more experience or for a second tournament after the Big Super States!
    Popular Locations: Fremont, Cupertino, San Ramon, San Jose, Foster City, Sacramento
    Mostly Sundays, some Saturdays.
    Register Early as space is limited!

  • BAC Rising Star Tournamnets
    @ BAC Office San Jose (map)

    Non-rated tournaments for rookie touranament players
    Seminar & Q&A session for the parents
    Swiss Style tournament: 3 rounds of G/30;d5

    Once every month
    10am-1pm: Sept 10, Nov 5
    3-6pm: Aug 6 Oct 8, Dec 10

    Trophies to prefert scores, medals to all others.