• Special Event

    Coach & Book Author
    Lauren Goodkind

    Friday, Nov 16th at 7PM
    Simultaneous Exhibition

    @t the new BAC Office

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  • 20 board Simultaeous Exhibition
    Friday, Nov 16th at 7PM
    Fee: $15 online

    • Location:
      NEW BayAreaChess Center
      2050 Concourse Drive, #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)

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      Lauren Goodkind
      I am an independent and respected chess teacher, author, chess puzzle creator, and a speaker, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chess is more than a game for me. Chess teaches people how to think, a crucial skill needed to succeed in life.
      Since chess is a male dominated game, I am proud to be a female chess teacher, trying to inspire more people, particularly girls and women, to play chess. In January 2015, InMenlo Magazine wrote a chess article about me and my mission.

      Here are my chess highlights:
      Gained about 450 USCF rating points in less than four months, from 1117 to approximately 1550, after winning and doing well in local tournaments.
      Defeated Vivian Smith, the New Zealand women’s chess champion in a 2004 tournament game. The second tournament game was a draw. Both games were played in beautiful New Zealand.
      Defeated and drawn various expert and master players (rated 2000-2300)
      In March 2018, I drew (a tie) against Ashritha Eswaran, a Women’s International Master (WIM) in a simul that she gave in Belmont, CA.
      Drew (a tie) against Peter Thiel, a billionaire and master chess player in a 2003 tournament game.

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      Fee: $15