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  • Bay Area Chess Tournament Series
    for All Ages and Levels with Free Parking!

    Add the chess tournament calendar for event dates and start times.
    Welcome to the Chessiest Place on Earth!
    Are you an internationally rated chess player? Does your rating reflect your playing strength?
    Or are you playing chess in caves?
    These events are the most efficient way to:
    + Get or improve the official rating from USChess Federation ("IRL" not online)!
    + Join your local chess community to enjoy and learn.
    + Overcome your FOMO
    Unless you prefer to play chess in caves!
  • Scholastic Tournaments with
    Leaderboards & Contactless Award

    Recommended since 2005 by chess parents and children for PK-12 players rated under 1400!

    Welcome to the Chessiest Place on Earth!
    • These tournaments come in four flavors: Chess4Less, Quads, Swiss, and Rising Star5, as you can see below.
      Kids who are yet to play in a tournament should start with the Rising Star Event, which is exclusively for them. The rest may choose any other event below.
      New: Introducing Chess4Less to make chess accessible with low low low entry fees.

      • Tournament Games Time
        Sections2 Fees Register
        Member Non-Member
        New: Chess4Less Hexes6 5 G/12 d3 Groups of 4 to 6 16 22
        New: Chess4Less Quads6 3 G/25 d5 Groups of 4 21 28
        Quads 3 G/25 d5 Groups of 43 29 39
        Swiss 4 G/25 d5 < 500 |
        500-799 | 800+4
        37 49
        Rising Star5 3 or 4 Flexible Flexible 33 33
        1. A Time Control of G/M dN means each player gets M minutes/game and a delay of N seconds/move (before the clock starts ticking). A Time Control of G/M +N means each player gets M minutes/game and an additional (increment) N seconds for every move.
        2. We place players in groups or sections based on their USChess rating supplement.
        3. A group may have 3-7 players if the number of players is indivisible by 4 or 6.
        4. Some Swiss sections may be merged because we organize more smaller tournaments during post-COVID times. Unrated players are placed in under 500 sections by default.
        5. Rising Stars event introduces in-person tournaments to new players and their parents (who attend for free). A player may attend only one Rising Star Event (during which they play 3 games).
        6. Our answer to inflation is to have rock-bottom 20th-century prices! The only thing is that we can't offer BA€oins (nor prizes) at this fee.
        Note: We use AzhLangareted Cadence in these tournaments to optimize the parents' (and players') time; each round (of games) starts about 5 minutes after all games in the previous round end.
      • Awards

        Awards 6 BA€oins/point (min 3 BA€oins/tourney). BA€oins (BA€) are redeemable for prizes below:
        • Medals = 3 BA€
        • Trophies: 9 BA€ = M 1-Post | 18 BA€ = L 1-Post | 36 BA€ = XL 1-Post | 100 BA€ = XXL 2-Post | 200 BA€ = XXXL 3-Post | 300 BA€ = XXXXL 4-Post
        Please check out the current standings at BA€oin Leaderboard.
  • GrandPrix Open Tournaments with
    Cash Prizes & Bragging Rights!

    Recommended since 2006 by players recommended for all chess lovers
    (including PK-12 players rated over 1000)
    Welcome to the Chessiest Place on Earth!

    • These tournaments come in three styles: Cash Day Quads (1 day), Cash Day Swiss (1 day) & Championship (2 days).

      • Cash Day: Quads & Swiss
        Exciting • Competitive • One Day

        Cash Day Quads Prize Fund:
        Winner takes all!

        $125/quad (quad = 4 players)
        1. Each quad is 4 players based on the current month's USChess rating supplement
        2. Unrated: Max $75 (except in the top section)
        3. Econ entries: Win 50% of the calculated prize

        Cash Day Swiss Prize Fund:
        $1,000 b/32 entries

        Section Eligibility 1st 2nd
        1800+ All $200 $60
        u 2000 $100
        1400-1799 All $100 $60
        u 1600 $100
        1000-1399 All $100 $60
        u 1200 $60
        under 1000 All $100 $60
        1. Players will be placed into 4 sections based on their current month's USChess rating supplement
        2. A player may play up (aka level up) one higher section; except in the top section, players' current month's USChess rating supplement must be within 200 points of the top section's rating range
        3. Unrated: Max $60 (except in the top section)
        4. Econ entries: Win 50% of the calculated prize
        5. ½-point Byes are available for any round (maximum 2 for 4 rounds, 1 for 3 rounds; byes must be requested at least 1 hour before that round's start except last round byes; last round bye must be requested latest before Round 3 for 4 round games or Round 2 for 3 round games)
        6. 0-point Byes are available for any round (player must play at least half the rounds to be eligible for prizes)
        7. If sections are combined, prizes for the sections will be combined and play-up fee for the higher section will be refunded
        8. A player who withdraws during the tournament is not eligible for prize money


        Member* Non-member
        Regular 43 57
        Econ 32 43
        • Play-up Fee (Optional): +17
        • Onsite/late entry: +22


        Schedule based on time control below:
        1. G/45 d5: 4 rounds every 120 minutes
        2. G/50 d5: 4 rounds every 130 minutes
        3. G/60 d5: 4 rounds every 150 minutes
        4. G/75 d5: 3 rounds every 180 minutes
      • The Real Bay Area Chess Championship
        Therapeutic • FIDE-rated • Two Days

        1. 3 sections: under 1500 | 1500-1999 | 2000+
          1. A player may play/level up one higher section. (Minimum rating to play-up: 1500-1999 section = 1200 | 2000+ section = 1800)
          2. We will refund play-up fees if your section is merged with a lower section.
          3. Ratings based on current month's USCF rating supplement (and TD discretion)
        2. ½-point Byes are available for any round
          1. Maximum 2; must be finalized at least 1 hour before that round's start
          2. Changes to the last 2 Rounds byes after Round 3 starts or playing in less than 3 rounds implies any earned prize money will be donated tom to BAC
        3. 0-point Byes are available for any round
        4. A player who withdraws during the tournament is ineligible for prize money

        Prize Fund:
        $$ 4,000 GUARANTEED; GPP 30

        Section Eligibility 1st 2nd 3rd
        2000+ (FIDE Rated) All $700 $300 $150
        u 2300 $300 $120
        1600-1999 (FIDE Rated) All $500 $200 $120
        u 1800 $300 $120
        1000-1599 All $500 $200 $120
        u 1200 $300 $120
        Unrated: Max $200 (except in the top section)
        Econ entries: Win 50% of the calculated prize
        Blitz Side Event = $100/Hex (groups of 6): $60 for 1st place, $40 to second place.


        Member* Non-member
        103 (down 9 from 99) 137 (down 12 from 99)
        80 (down 6 from 74) 107 (down 6 from 74)
        90 (down 9 from 99) 120 (down 12 from 99)
        68 (down 6 from 74) 90 (down 9 from 99)
        Blitz 25 33
        • Buy more and save with All-Access Pass, which includes the main event and (1/2-price on) Blitz.
        • Play-up Fee (Optional): +28
        • Onsite/late entry: +33


        5 round Swiss: 5SS x G/90 +30
        Rounds: Sat 9:30 1:50 6:10 | Sun 9:30 2
        Blitz Side Event: 6:30-8:30p

  • General Information about All Tournaments

      • After Registering

        1. Add to safe senders to receive emails with orientation and other notifications.
        2. Check entries to confirm registration; fill in our form to report any errors, changes, cancellations/withdrawals****
      • Before You Come

        1. Confirm the tournament's location, date, and start time.
        2. Read the orientation information.
        3. Arrive at least 20 minutes before the start time.
        4. Be nice to everyone!
      • When You Come

        1. Check pairings before every round to find information about your next game.
        2. Check results after every round; report any errors to the Tournament Director (TD) ASAP.
        3. Be nice to everyone!
    • General Information

      1. We use the USCF Current Published Rating (Supplement) to determine players' ratings.
      2. We may merge small sections.
      3. Online registration closes at midnight the day before the tournament. Onsite registration is available 20-30 minutes before every round (subject to space availability). Please contact before registering onsite.
      4. US Chess membership is required for all tournaments (except Rising Star, which is not a rated tourney). Therefore, you must renew/signup with your tournament registration so we can process and reconcile it.
      5. Bay Area Chess membership is not required but can save you money if you play more than once a month.
      6. CalChess membership is required for all State Championship events.
    • Footnotes

      1. * Azcelerate, LLC subsidizes Chess4Less and BAC Member discounts to promote chess for all! Note: Member discounts are available for online registrations only.
      2. ****Changes, Cancellations, and withdrawals will incur fees:
        • $7 before 24 hours before the tournament
        • $20 within 24 hours of the tournament
        • no refunds after the tournament starts.
        • For special events, refer to that special event's page.
        Payments can be made through Zelle ( or Paypal (, and the receipt should be emailed to
Terms and Conditions - Refund Policy