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Past Results
Event Date Result / Rating Photos
Results: page @ bayareachess.com that lists results with tie-breakers, and explanation of prizes.
Rating: page @ uschess.org that has the rated tournament results and updated rating for every player.
CalClassic 8 (Cupertino) Dec. 10, 06 Results, Rating M Shelton
Special Event: CalClassic 7 [Thanksgiving Festival]
Nov. 24-26, 06 Results, USCF (Swiss,
Quads, Blitz)

A Kirshner,
M Shelton

CalClassic 6 (Cupertino) Oct. 29, 06 Results, Rating A Kirshner
CalClassic 5 (San Ramon) Oct. 8, 06 Results, Rating  
CalClassic 4 (Cupertino) [Scholastic] Aug. 6, 06 Results, Rating  
CalClassic 3 (Cupertino) [Adult] Jul. 29, 06 USCF (Regular, Blitz) M Shelton
CalClassic 2 (Cupertino) May 27-28, 06 Results,
(Kids, Regular, Blitz)
M Shelton
CalClassic 1 (San Francisco) Mar. 25-26, 06 Results, Rating R Shorman