• BAC Elite Team

    Head Coach: GM Daniel Naroditsky (12892910)
    Co-Coach: GM Cristian Chirila (14471712)

    Team Members

    John Canessa (13724952)

    Ezra Chambers (15191101)

    Justin Feng (14398842)

    Divija Hasteer (13975247)

    Alan Hung (13977877)

    Ivan Ke (14933795)

    Eric Yuhan Li (15688436)

    Joshua Lu (15367938)

    Manas Manu (15661005)

    Mihir Mirchandani (14433403)

    Andrew Peng (14744427)

    Vinesh Ravuri (14312195)

    Sanat Singhal (15580756)

    Anaiy Somalwar (14391572)

    Teemu Virtanen (14935806)

    Henry Wang (15244943)

    Jeff Wang (16426352)

    Christopher Yoo (15244943)

    Jeffrey Wei (14399673)


    BAC Elite Team

    BayAreaChess' top team was formed in May 2015 by inviting some of the Bay Area's top scholastic players with the mission to provide them with a format of training where they can elevate their chess to the next level. We do this by offering Grandmaster training combined with a team oriented method of training and support that will give these young players a valuable experiene they can apply to both their chess and to their personal lives.

    This is an by invitation only team for players with 1900+ rating.
    Do you think you'd be a good fit to this team, and would like us to consider you?
    Please, email us why you should be considered and what value you think you bing to the BAC Team. All submissions will be considered.

    Q: What is expected from the Team members?
    A: Consistent attendance and team commitment. Also recommended to spend anywhere between 2-25hr/week on chess at home.

    Q: What software or other tools are required for the team members?
    A: For the Elite and A-team members, Chess base (click here) is required software. For the Intermediate and Beginner team members, there is no required tool at this point.

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    2018 Schedule of team-meetings

    Team Meeting
    # of Classes
    Team Building
    Events - Free
    x, 13, 20, 27 3
    3, 10, x, 24 3
    3, 10, 17
    x, x
    x, 14, 21, 28 3
    x, 12, 19, x 3
    9, 23 2
    7 1
    11 1

    List of tournaments BAC team members are encouraged to attend in 2018
    and the "off weekends" are designed around these tournaments:
    if class is falling on these tournament dates, we encourage team members
    to take a 1/2pt bye in the tournament to attend the class.

    Mar 23/24-25 IM Walter Shipman Memorial Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    April 7-8 CalChess State Spring Championship (aka Super States) (www.bayareachess.com/states)
    Apr 27/28-29 GM Mammedyarov Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    May 26/27-28 Best of the West Championship (www.bayareachess.com/bestwest)
    June 22/23-24 GM Walter Browne Memorial Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    July 13/14-15 43rd People's Tournament (www.bayareachess.com/peoples)
    July 27/28-29 GM Mamedov Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    Sept 1/2-3 CalChess State Championship -- organized by Berkeley Chess - link will come as published
    Sept 21/22-23 GM George Koltanowski Memorial Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    Oct 19/20-21 IM Emory Tate Memorial Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    Nov 23/24-25 CA Warfare Championship (www.bayareachess.com/tg)
    Dec 14/15-16 GM Daniel Naroditsky Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)


Upcoming Tournaments
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