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    Special circumstances accomodations

    At BayAreaChess we are committed to accommodating the needs of all our players regardless of their circumstances and abilities. We encourage EVERYONE to PLAY CHESS!
    Just let us know how we can make it happen, and provide the best circumstances for you!
  • Location Accessibility

    Most of our tournament locations are wheelchair accessible. They include our San Jose office, the Marriotts and other Hotels, Santa Clara Convention Center, and other venues. For a specific location, please contact us to double check, and we would love to help you!

    Contact us if you have any questions.

    Tournaments with Services offered

    At any tournament will can have special circumstances support staff available upon request.

    Please contact us as early as possible prior of any event so we can arrange for our special support staff. 
    Of course any last minute notice will be accomodated to the very best of our ability, so please reach out to us ANYTIME before, or during the events.

    What we can do to help/ What you can do to prepare

    We are open to offer services during the tournament for

    Someone to read off the position of the board, help maintain a scoresheet, press the clock, tell the time remaining on clock and play dictated moves.

    Physically disabled - inability to write or move pieces: 
    Someone to play dictated moves, or help maintain a scoresheet sheet 

    American Sign Language Coordinator 

    ADHD or sensitivity issues 
    Quiet space available for Relaxation and calming down 

    Quiet space available for Relaxation and calming down

    Epilepsy or other invisible but sudden symptoms
    Staff to keep track of players and checking on them as well as notifying opponents of their circumstances

    We will provide information regarding cleaning products for each location and ensure the playing space is not contaminated with allergens

    Anything we missed?
    Let us know! 

    Safety Protocol

    Description will be coming shortly of our routine safety protocol and evacuation processes.
    Please, contact us in case any questions.


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    Evacuation Process

    For Adults
    Small sites - Large sites - Huge Sites
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