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    Wanna Save Money? Earn Cash Back!

    Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!
    We offer Cash Back to make our services more accessible to you!

    Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!

    This cash back is applicable to all Bay Area Chess tournaments:
    Children's Tourneys | Advanced Tourneys | Special Tourneys

  • Membership
    Cash Back

    1. You can enjoy a 25% Cash Back from all entry and play-up fees becoming a Member.
    2. 12-month Membership is $175.
    3. Membership is a privilege that is reserved for our community’s role models (who embody the values of decency, empathy, integrity, and kindness); we reserve the right to disapprove/cancel anyone's membership at any time, based on our sole discretion.
    4. All members will enjoy the Cash Back on entry and play-up fees when they register online using their bayareachess.com account; discounts are not available for onsite entries or affiliate entries.
    5. We offer family memberships as well: 2 family members for $285 and 3+ family members for $395. One member purchases the Family Membership and contacts us with the user names of other family members. Then, we manually grant others membership Cash Back access.
  • Cash Back Example

    Please see the table below for an example.
      Total Amount Member Cash Back
    Tourney 1 $50 $12.50
    Tourney 2 $80 $20
    Tourney 3 $60 $15
    Tourney 4 $30 $7.50
    Total $220 $55
    Net Amount $165