• Discounts

    BAC offers several types of discounts, some available to non-members, and some discounts that are available to BAC members via BAC memberships.

    The amount of discount is based on the number of tournaments registered at the same time or the type of membership a user has. If two discounts are applicable, the higher amount is applied, but only one type of discount is applied at any give time (i.e. no double dipping.)

    Discounts are only applicable to tournaments.
    Clubs, enrichment classes, team fees etc are not discountable due to the low student to teacher ratio.

    Discounts are only applicable for online transactions.
    BAC memberships can not be applied via email or onsite.

    All memberships should be purchased in a separate transaction, no discount can be applied towards purchasing a new membership and memberships are not good towards any late fee.

    Choose your discount from the following categories:
    Non BAC-members
    Basic membership

  • Non BAC-members

    Non BAC-members get discount if they register for multiple tournaments at the same time.
    Registration must be made online, in one transaction. Discount can not be applied to past transactions.
    The amount of discount is based on the number of tournaments.

    The current discount structure is as follows:
    # of Tournaments       Discount for non-members
    2                                   $5
    3                                 $10
    4                                 $20
    5                                 $30
    6                                 $40
    7                                 $50

  • Basic membership - Individual or Family

    Basic membership can be purchased for $100.
    It is valid for 12 months, from the time of purchse and it's assigned to one user.
    Basic Members get a 25% off from every entry-fee and play-up fee.

    Beginning June 1, 2016 BAC will offer a Family Basic membership:
    $100 - one member
    $170 - 2 family memers
    $240 - 3+ family members
    The family membership will need to be purchased by one of the family member, and the other members will be granted the membership access manually by confirming the family status and usernames. Please, email us with the BAC user names of those, you want to have access to this Family membership and allow us 24 hours to process such memberships. One will only be able to access and enjoy the membership discounts AFTER we have manually set the memberships. Please, plan ahead knowing our processing time. Discount can not be applied to past transactions.

    Please note that discount for registering for multiple tournaments and basic membership can not be combined. The system will automatically apply the discount that gives the better price for our players.
    Please see comparison tables on the bottom of this page.

    When registering, Basic members will be shown the following at the check-out site:
      Total Amount Basic Discount
    Tournament 1 (scholastic) $40 $10
    Tournament 2 (regular) $20 $5
    Total Amount (payable with Buy Now): $60  
    Total Discount: $15  
    Net Amount: $45