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Aleskerov Shines, But Computer Problems Force Narrow 2nd-Week Defeat for San Jose Hackers (with Game Analysis)

Posted: 1 year, 1 month ago

By IM Vignesh Panchanatham

Last week, the San Jose Hackers defeated the Rio Grande Ospreys 9-6 after a roster change midway through the match. This week, the Hackers were matched against the Australia Kangaroos, who lost in the first week against the Seattle Sluggers. The Hackers outrated their opponents with an average rating of 2473 versus 2460 for the team from down under.

GM Rauf Mamedov played first board in his first match of the season, after being unable to make last week’s match against the Ospreys. GM Zviad Izoria remained as second board, looking to continue his strong performance from last week. On boards 3 and 4, Faik Aleskerov and FM Teemu Virtanen started their first match of the season. The Kangaroos also came in with a strong lineup: GM Alexey Sarana, GM Anton Smirnov, IM Kanan Izzat, and FM Brandon Clarke.

Round 1: 1.5-2.5 Kangaroos 

FM Brandon Clarke (2319) vs. GM Rauf Mamedov (2678) (1/2-1/2)

IM Kannat Izzat (2473) vs. GM Zviad Izoria (2601) (0-1)

Faik Aleskerov (2315) vs. GM Anton Smirnov (2508) (0-1)

FM Teemu Virtanen (2301) vs. GM Alexey Sarana (2541) (0-1)

The Hackers got off to a rough start in round 1. GM Mamedov yielded a draw to FM Clarke, and both Alekserov and FM Virtanen were defeated by their strong GM opponents. GM Izoria was the sole San Jose victory, defeating IM Izzat with black. He used his strong outposted knights to attack the weakened light squares, and eventually mate the white king.

Round 2: 3-1 Hackers 

Mamedov v. Izzat (1-0)

Izoria v. Clarke (1-0)

Sarana v. Aleskerov (0-1)

Smirnov v. Virtanen (1-0)

After a tough first round, the Hackers rebounded into a slight lead after some strong results. Both GM Mamedov and GM Izoria defeated their opponents with the white pieces. Aleskerov also managed to swipe the full point from GM Sarana, scoring a huge upset for San Jose. Unfortunately, FM Virtanen was unable to scrape GM Smirnov.

Round 3: 2-2 Draw 

Smirnov v. Mamedov (0-1)

Sarana v. Izoria (1/2-1/2)

Aleskerov v. Clarke (1/2-1/2)

Virtanen v. Izzat (0-1)

 Neither the Hackers nor the Kangaroos were able to make headway in a deadlocked round 3. Both GM Izoria and Aleskerov drew against their opponents. GM Mamedov’s beautiful checkmate against GM Smirnov was matched by IM Izzat’s win against FM Virtanen.

GM Mamedov used some cute tactics to equalize with black before penetrating into the weak squares around the white king. The mating position at the end is must-see!

Round 4: 1-3 Kangaroos

Mamedov v. Sarana (0-1)

Izoria v. Smirnov (0-1)

Izzat v. Aleskerov (0-1)

Clarke v. Virtanen (1-0)

Going into the final round of match leading by a point, the Hackers needed to hold solid. Unfortunately, both GM Izoria and FM Virtanen lost. Aleskerov won, leaving the deciding game to be GM Mamedov vs. GM Sarana. With ten seconds left, there was a clear repetition on the board that would lead to a tied match. To the detriment of the Hackers, GM Mamedov’s internet connection failed, causing a disconnection and a loss on time.

Man of the Match: Faik Aleskerov

Faik Aleskerov’s critical 2.5 points contributed to the closeness of the match. He scored upsets over GM Sarana and IM Izzat. Congratulations Faik!

Final Score: 7.5-8.5

Despite the tough loss, the San Jose Hackers will be ready and raring to go next Wednesday at 6:00 PM PST against the Dallas Destiny. The Hackers are still sitting in fourth place, only half a match point behind the leaders of the Pacific Division. Follow the games live by tuning into

http://www.Twitch.Tv/HelloKostya for commentary with BAC coach, IM Kostya Kavutskiy.