2017 Blitz Tournament Series
    FREE Friday Fun Chess Nights

    @at the new BAC Office
    2050 Concourse Drive #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)

    Come down and play some chess, have some fun! It's FREE :)

    Register online
    - Flyer - Entries


    Bay Area Chess
    San Jose (map)
    Feb 10(B), 24
    Mar 17(B), 31
    Apr 14(B)
    May 5(B), 19
    Jun 2(B), 23

    (B): rated Blitz tournament will be happening 7:30-9pm.

    Pizza & soda will be available for small donation.

    Usual Evening Schedule
    6PM - 9PM

    Casual Play
    Occasional Guest Lecture
    Fun Bughouse Tournament - based on onsite interest

    Blitz Schedule
    7-7:30pm: Blitz onsite registration

    7:30 - 9pm: RATED Blitz Tournament
    on selected dates

    2 sections: 1800+, u1800
    subject to change based on entries

    Prize Fund: 75% of the total entry fees

    Entry Fee: $12

    Sample Prize fund distribution: $300
    1800+: $100, $50, $25
    u1800: $70, $35, $20

    Would you like us to offer lectures with any other player? Email your suggestions here.