Bay Area Chess: Rising Star
Dec 2, 2018 @ BAC Office

Total 23

@ BAC Office in San Jose
2050 Concourse drive #42, San Jose, CA 95131

Non-rated tournament for beginner tournament players.
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W1 - Win against player #1
L1 - Loss against player #1
D1 - Draw against player #1
F1: Forfeit loss against players #1
other possible signs:
U - unplayed game, this is usually when player withdraw from future rounds, or entering the tournament late, so player gets U for past rounds.
X - forfeit win against someone, most of the times the opponent didn not show up. Since there is no actual game played, the USCF rating will not be affected.
B - full point bye due to uneven number of players
H - half point bye due to pre-requested half point bye (and rules permitting the half point bye for that round)

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot Prize
1 Tristen Liu unr. W12 W9 W4 3.0 1st Place
2 Brock Bakan unr. W15 W5 W6 3.0
3 Andrew Cornish unr. W22 W8 W7 3.0
4 Archer Troy unr. W14 W11 L1 2.0 4th Place
5 Aarav Mahajan unr. W10 L2 W20 2.0
6 Cary Yao unr. W17 W13 L2 2.0
7 Ian Lin unr. B--- W16 L3 2.0
8 Cooper Bakan unr. W18 L3 W16 2.0
9 Warren Yang unr. W19 L1 W17 2.0
10 Timothy Wei unr. L5 W15 W14 2.0
11 Elliot Feng unr. W21 L4 W18 2.0
12 Ameya Venkatesh unr. L1 W19 D13 1.5 12th Place
13 Jeffrey Chao unr. W23 L6 D12 1.5
14 James Lin unr. L4 W21 L10 1.0 14th Place
15 Sloane Satvat unr. L2 L10 W22 1.0
16 Lawrence Yao unr. W20 L7 L8 1.0
17 Dylan Garratt unr. L6 W23 L9 1.0
18 Ankan Shah unr. L8 W22 L11 1.0
19 Aarav Modi unr. L9 L12 W23 1.0
20 Iris Zhu unr. L16 B--- L5 1.0
21 Lawrene Hu unr. L11 L14 B--- 1.0
22 Sophia Li unr. L3 L18 L15 0.0 22nd Place
23 Melody Guan unr. L13 L17 L19 0.0