• Best of the West Kids Championship
      Saturday, May 26, 2018
      Santa Clara Marriott (map)
      2700 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

      This tournament is for Scholastic players.

      Adults and Advanced kids, please consider Best of the West Championship
      on May 26/27-28 (BayAreaChess.com/bestwest)
  • Sections & Prizes

    Sections are based on rating:
    900-1199, 600-899, 300-599, u300&unrated

    Trophies to:
    Top 10 players in each sections (winning record required)
    Top 5 Clubs in all sections combined
    Top 5 Schools in all sections combined
  • Schedule & Fees

    All Sections: 5 rounds of G/30;d5

     RegistrationRound 1Round 2 Round 3Round 4Round 5Trophy
    All Sections Sat 8:30-9a Sat 9:30a Sat 11a Lunch Sat 12:45p Sat 2:00p Sat 3:15p around

    Entry Fee: $49, Play-up: $10
    Late Fee: After 5/22 +$15
    Play-up fee applies if playing in a higher section than your rating in May 2018 supplement.
  • TDs and Organizers

    Tournament Directors:
    Abel Talamantez, Reka Sztaray, Michael D'Alfonsi

    Organizers: Email to the organizers
    Dr. Judit Sztaray