• 2018 Bay Area Championship Series

    Friday evening round 7PM @ BAC office: 2050 Concourse Drive #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)

    Saturday & Sunday rounds @ Santa Clara Convention Center
    5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (map)

    Dates in 2018

    CM Azhar Memorial Championship:
    Jan 26/27 - 28
    IM Walter Shipman Memorial Championship: Mar 23/24 - 25
    GM Mammedyarov Championship: Apr 27/28 - 29
    GM Walter Browne Memorial Championship: Jun 22/23 - 24
    GM Rauf Mamedov Championship: Jul 27/28 - 29
    GM George Koltanowski Championship: Sept 21/22 - 23
    IM Emory Tate Memorial Championship: Oct 19/20 - 21
    GM Daniel Narodisky Championship: Dec 14/15 - 16

    These recurring tournaments are named after chess personalities who have had the greatest influence on Bay Area Chess or who we are proud and thankful for their support over these years. Together, they helped Bay Area Chess get started from scratch and helped grow it to the most active affiliate of USCF. This is our way of saying a special thanks and preserve their contributions!
    If you want to get to the top, this can prepare you for the final leg of the journey to a titled player...
    Let the journey continue!

    You may participate in any of these events... there are discounts for registering for two or more of the following events...
    Tip: This is best suited for players who prefer long time controls.
  • Sections & Prizes
    $5,000 b/90 entries - 60% guaranteed!
    GPP 30 (Enhanced)

     1st2nd3rdClass Prizes1st2nd3rd
    MX (2000+) FIDE $1,000 $500 $200 under 2300> $250 $125 $100
    AB (1600-1999) $700 $300 $100 under 1800> $200 $100  
    (under 1600 & unr)
    $700 $300 $100 under 1400>
    under 1200>



    Unrated players prize capped at $100, except Open section.

    FIDE rated rounds: only those with G/90 +30 time control in the Open section will be submitted to FIDE.

    Byes: Maximum two 1/2 point byes can be requested.
    Any 1/2 pt byes for the last two rounds must be requested before the start of Round 1.
  • Time control & Schedule

    Time Control:
    3-day: 5SS G/90 +30
    2-day: Rds 1-2: G/60 d5, Rds 3-5: G/90 +30

    OptionRegistrationRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
    (G/90 +30)
    Fr 6:30-6:45p Fr 7p Sa 10a Sa 3p Su 10a Su 2:30p
    (Rds 1-2 G/60 d5)
    Sa 9:30-9:45a Sa 10a Sa 12:30p
  • Fees

    Entry Fee: $109 at least 5 days before the tourney

    Economy Entry Fee: $89 with 50% prize
    Few notes on Economy Entry Fee:
    1) No Econ allowed in the Open section due to USCF GPP rules.
    2) If you choose economy entry fee, and if you win any prize money, only 60% of the amount you won will be paid out to you, the rest of the money will be transfered back to the general fund to offset the cost of the economy EF.
    3) Economy EF will not be available once registration headcount reached 75% of the maximum capacity. (30 players in the Courtyard Marriotts, 65 for the BAC Championships.)
    4) It must be finalized before Round 1 starts.

    Re-entry fee: $59 (49 if econ registration fee was purchased originally)

    Playup: +$20
    New rule: there can not be more than 200 point rating difference between the player's supplemental or actual rating and the requested sections' lowest rating.

    Late Fee: +$20 5 days before the tourney

    Players with GM/IM/WGM/WIM titles free entry 10 days prior
    (Entry Fee will be deducted from any prize money won)
  • Organizers and TDs

    Organizer: Dr. Judit Sztaray

    Main TDs: NTD, FIDE IA Tom Langland; STD, FIDE IA Richard Koepcke;
    NTD,FIDE IA John McCumiskey; STD, FIDE IA Jordan Langland

    Other TDs: Abel Talamantez, Wolfgang Behm, Matt LeForce and others.

    BayAreaChess Closed Championship

    We are excited to announce the Bay Area Chess Closed Championship, a brand-new tournament for the new year.
    This tournament will be held on December 14-16th alongside the GM Naroditsky championship.
    The philosophy of this tournament is to give Bay Area players a taste of the professional chess tournament experience.
    Players who compete in this years Bay Area Chess Championship will be competing not only for rating and prize money,
    but also for a chance at qualifying to compete in this prestigious closed event.

    Competitors in the championship will have the opportunity to prepare for a closed set of opponents, in the same manner as top players.
    Playing in closed events is excellent experience for young players who aspire to play similar styles of events in the future.
    It’s also a fun way for class players to take part in a format of event that they would not be able to participate in otherwise.
    The overall winner for each section will become the 2018 Bay Area Champion.
    The section winners will gain recognition of their victory with short bios posted on the Bay Area Chess website to commemorate their achievement.
    Similar to the BAC Championship, the closed championship will also have three sections:  Open 2000+,   Advanced (1600-1999),   Reserve (under1600)

    Each section will be a closed six player round robin (a format where each player in the group plays every other player once),
    where the strongest participants from the years Bay Area Chess Championship events play for the title of 2018 Bay Area Chess Champion.
    Players for each section will be invited based off their performance in Bay Area Chess Championship Events.

    For each event played throughout the year players will be given points based off their final standing in the tournament.

    In November we will sum up the points from each players top four results, and invite the 6 Players with the highest point totals for each section.  

    Rules for qualifying events:

    Points for 1st place: 200
    Points for 2nd place: 150
    Points for 3rd Place: 100
    Points for 4th Place: 75
    Points for 5th-9th place: 50
    Points for 9th or lower: 25

    Additional guidelines & rules:
    Points for a tournament only count towards the section you play in.
    To get points for a tournament a player is allowed no more than 1 bye for that event.
    If a player forfeits a game, they receive no points for that event.
    If a player withdraws from an event they will receive no points for that tournament.  

    Qualifying events

    CM Azhar championship Jan 26-28 Santa Clara
    IM Walter Shipman Memorial March 23-25 Santa Clara
    GM Mammedyarov championship April 27-29 Santa Clara
    GM Walter Browne Championship June 22-24
    GM Mamedov Championship July 27-29
    George Koltanowski Championship Sep 21-23
    IM Emory Tate Championship Oct 19-21

    We hope you'll enjoy this new exciting competition!
    Any question or comment/suggestion? Email us :)

    Current Standing after 1/26-28 Championship

    Open Section

    1st Conrad Holt  200
    2nd Sijing Wu 150
    3rd-5th Rochelle Wu  75
    3rd-5th  Theodore Biyiasas  75
    3rd-5th David Pan 75
    6th-13th  Joisah Stearman 37.5
    6th-13th   Kireet Panuganti 37.5
    6th-13th  Philipp Perpelitsky 37.5
    6th-13th   Milind Maiti 37.5
    6th-13th Adrain Kondakov 37.5
    6th-13th Eliam Chang 37.5
    6th-13th Sriram Krishnakumar 37.5
    6th-13th Aaron David Green 37.5
    13th-29th Eric Yuhan Li 25
    13th-29th Ethan Boldi 25
    13th-29th Shawak Shivakumar 25
    13th-29th Annapoorni Meiyappan 25
    13th-29th Daniel Cheng 25
    13th-29th  Krishan Nathan 25
    13th-29th Micheal Tang 25
    13th-29th Maurya Palusa 25
    13th-29th Arul Viswanthan 25
    13th-29th Shaashwath Sivakumar 25
    13th-29th George W Jeffers JR 25
    13th-29th Marcio H Saito 25
    13th-29th Shreyas Nayak 25
    13th-29th Joshua Jiaxiang Lu 25

    AB Section

    1st Rui Yang Yan  200
    2nd Nicholas Weng 150
    3rd-4th Atul Kamath 87.5
    3rd-4th Ujan Ray 87.5
    5th-9th Dmitri Dobrynin 50
    5th-9th Alan Finkelstein 50
    5th-9th Daniel Kou 50
    5th-9th Jerry Levine 50
    5th-9th Alexander Nishio 50
    10th-22nd Nitish Nath 25
    10th-22nd  Jose Fernandez 25
    10th-22nd Kally Wen 25
    10th-22nd Andrey Shapiro 25
    10th-22nd Mohammad Soltani 25
    10th-22nd Ishan Khire 25
    10th-22nd Sricharan Pullela 25
    10th-22nd Nivita Reddy 25


    CDEu Section

    1st-4th Charles Zhang Huang  131.25
    1st-4th Adway Sane  131.25
    1st-4th Sanya Badhe 131.25
    1st-4th AAdarsh Shivaraju 131.25
    5th Pudur Ramaswamy 50
    6th-13th  Nicholas Boldi 37.5
    6th-13th  Advay Bansal 37.5
    6th-13th  Kavya Meiyappan 37.5
    6th-13th  Anish Dara JR 37.5
    6th-13th  Eric Anderson 37.5
    6th-13th  Kyle Chang 37.5
    6th-13th  Anish Mathan 37.5
    6th-13th  Thor Kamphefner 37.5
    14th-28th Tony Cole 25
    14th-28th Sharsh Goenka 25
    14th-28th Andrew Guo 25
    14th-28th Zack Zhou 25
    14th-28th Kaustubh Kodihalli 25
    14th-28th Iris Quan 25
    14th-28th Edward Han 25
    14th-28th Eddie Zhang 25
    14th-28th Jaden Cheung 25
    14th-28th Yuelin Shi 25
    14th-28th Michael T Lane 25
    14th-28th Aaron Wynn 25
    14th-28th Artham Pawar 25
    14th-28th Eashwar Iyer 25