• 43rd Peoples Tournament
      A Heritage Event
      July 20-22 or 21-22, 2018

      Keeping it in Berkeley!
      returning the heritage site of:
      University of California Berkeley - the Pauley Ballroom (map)
      2495 Bancroft Way, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720

      Prizes: $11,000 - GPP 50 enhanced - Jr Grand Prix
      b/197 fully paid entries, 60% guaranteed

      This tournament is best suited for adults and advanced youth (ratings 1000 & higher) who prefer long time controls. The time control for the main regular schedule is 5SS, 40/120 sd30 d5.
      Youth (K-Gr12) rated under 1200, please consider the Young Peoples Tournament on July 21 (see details).
  • Prize Fund $11,000 b/197 (60% guaranteed) - GPP 50 Enhanced

    5 Sections based on rating
    Open (2000+, FIDE) $2,000 $1,000 $400 $200   u2300: $300, 100
    u2100: $100
    A (1800-1999) $1,000 $500 $200 $100 $100  
    B (1600-1799) $800 $500 $200 $100 $100  
    C (1400-1599) $800 $400 $200 $100 $100  
    DEu (u1400) $600 $300 $100     u1600: $400 200 100
    New & Unrated players prizes are capped at $300 in all sections except Open.
    July 2018 Supp, CCA min & TD discretion will be used to place players accurately.
    May two 1/2pt byes, Round 5 bye locked bef Rd. 1 starts.
    Econ option must commit before the 1st round starts.
  • Schedule & Fees

    3-day: 6SS x 40/120 SD/30 d5
    2-day: 3SS x G/61 d5 + merge
    Merge before Round 4. All compete for the same prizes.

    Please note that the number of rounds increased from last year!

     RegistrationRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
    3-day Schedule Fri 10-10:30a Fri 11p Fri 5p Sat 10a Sat 4:30p Sun 10a Sun 3:30p
    2-day Schedule Sa 8-8:30a Sat 9a Sat 11:30a Sat 1:50p Sat 4:30p Sun 10a Sun 3:30p

    Fees: !! Same as last year!!
    Regular Entry: 99
    Economy Option (not available for Open section): 79 with 50% of the calculated prize
    After 7/13 Late Fee: Add 25
    Play-up 1 section: 30
    Refund fee: 25
    Re-entry fee: 49

    Economy Option pays 50% of the calculated prize money.
    The remaining amount goes back to the budget to offset Economy Fee Discount.

    Play-up fee applies if playing in a higher section than your rating in July 2018 supplement.
    IM/GM Free before 7/7 (EF subtracted from prize)
  • TDs and Organizers

    Tournament Directors:
    Senior TD Richard Koepcke, Senior TD Abel Talamantez

    Organizer (Contact organizer)
    Dr. Judit Sztaray
  • Location & Parking

    Tournament site:
    University of California Berkeley - Pauley Ballroom
    2495 Bancroft Way, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 (map)

    Two options per our host:

    1) Lower Sproul Garage (closes garage to MLK Building)
    Most expensive
    Most Convenient
    VERY LIMITED spaces, first come first serve

    2) Channing/Telegraph parking lot
    LINK: https://lazparking.com/local/berkeley--ca/berkeley--telegraph-channing
    most cost effective for the day
    close in proximity: 2 blocks away on telegraph
    large parking structure.