Bay Area Chess: Rising Star on February 16, 2020 at Bay Area Chess Center
2050 Concourse Drive #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)

Total: 14 - Last updated on 2/20


# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot Prize
1 Thomas Cao   unr. W12 W8 W7 3.0 1st place
2 Walden Teper   unr. W15 W6 W3 3.0
3 Caden Cai   unr. W16 W11 L2 2.0 3rd place
4 Adrian Chaidez   unr. D17 W15 D10 2.0
5 Fernando Perez   unr. W14 L7 W12 2.0
6 Martin Perez   unr. W13 L2 W14 2.0
7 Charan Borra   unr. B--- W5 L1 2.0
8 Daniel Rodriguez   unr. W10 L1 W11 2.0
9 Javier Sandoval   unr. L11 W16 W17 2.0
10 Aadi Koshal 16380333 unr. L8 W17 D4 1.5 10th place
11 Ray Qin   unr. W9 L3 L8 1.0 11th place
12 Aishi Dutta   unr. L1 W13 L5 1.0
13 Rowan Carnes   unr. L6 L12 B--- 1.0
14 Abir Sharma   unr. L5 B--- L6 1.0
15 Aristotle Eagleman   unr. L2 L4 D16 0.5 15th place
16 Jackie Dempsey   unr. L3 L9 D15 0.5
17 Jose Mendez   unr. D4 L10 L9 0.5

W1 - Win against player #1
L1 - Loss against player #1
D1 - Draw against player #1
F1: Forfeit loss against players #1
other possible signs:
U - unplayed game, this is usually when player withdraw from future rounds, or entering the tournament late, so player gets U for past rounds.
X - forfeit win against someone, most of the times the opponent didn not show up. Since there is no actual game played, the USCF rating will not be affected.
B - full point bye due to uneven number of players
H - half point bye due to pre-requested half point bye (and rules permitting the half point bye for that round)