2022 CalChess Qualifiers for National Tournaments of Champions
on June 5 (Denker) on June 4-5 (Barber) and June 25-26 (Rockefeller)

Play at San Jose Chess Center

Welcome to the 2022 Denker, Barber, & Rockefeller Qualifiers. Please register ASAP because the registration may close at any time if we reach maximum capacity under health and safety protocols! (Orientation Information will available a few days before the tourney.) Three Sections are based on grade:
Denker: Grades 9-12 1900+ (players rated 1600-1899 may play with a play up fee)
Barber: Grades 6-8 1800+ (players rated 1500-1799 may play with a play up fee)
Rockefeller: KG - Grade 5 1700+ (players rated 1400-1699 may play with a play up fee)
Note: If you believe that you believe you should be the CalChess representative in these three National events and your rating is stale (and does not reflect your playing capability), then you must play in an OTB tournament and demonstrate a performance rating that meets the rating level. (Playing up in a higher grade is not allowed). No exceptions!

Welcome to the Chessiest Place on Earth!
What When Where Actions
Denker Qualifier June 5 San Jose
Chess Center
Barber Qualifier June 4-5
Rockefeller Qualifier June 25-26
Processed Entries:

Prize Fund and Awards

Represent CalChess in the National tournament of Champions

    • Honor of Representing CalChess

      The winner of the qualifiers will represent CalChess in the National tournament of Champions:
      • Denker Qualifier represents CalChess in the High School Section (9-12)
      • Barber Qualifier represents CalChess in the Middle School State Section (6-8)
      • Rockefeller Qualifier represents CalChess in the Elementary School State Section (K-5)
    • Prize Fund:

      • $5100 total ($1700 in each section) Guaranteed*:
        1. $1000 to the winner,
        2. $500 to the 2nd place,
        3. $200 to the 3rd place
        4. of each section
      • *Note: The winner of each section will get $500 unconditionally and another $500 if they represent CalChess at the tournament of champions (otherwise the additional $500 will be forfeited). Winning record is required for all prizes.


Denker & Barber Qualifiers (June 4-5) | Rockefeller Qualifiers (June 25-26)

      1. Schedule:
        Denker Barber & Rockefeller
        Online Registration Until Sat 11:59p Until Fri 11:59p
        Onsite Registration Sun 11:00-11:30am Sat 11:00-11:15am

        Round # Round Time
        1 Sun 9:30a Sat 11:30a
        2 Sun 12:45p Sat 3:00p
        3 Sun 4:00p Sat 6:30p
        4 Sun 7:15p Sun 10:00a
        5 NA Sun 2:30p
      2. Time Controls:
        1. Denker
          • Rounds 1-4 = G/60 +30 (60 mins/game +30 secs/move for both players)
          • Note: In case of more than 8 entries, Denker will changed to 4 x G/60 +30 with round times of 9:30am, 12:45pm, 4pm, and 7:15pm
        2. Barber & Rockefeller
          • Rounds 1-2 = G/60 +30 (60 mins/game +30 secs/move for both players)
          • Rounds 3-5 = G/90 +30 (90 mins/game +30 secs/move for both players)

Fees & Discounts

Please register early to save your money and our time!

    • Entry Fees

      Entry Type Non-member BAC-Member
      Regular 132 99
      Econ 99 74

      Econ entry allows players to register for a lower entry by agreeing to receive 50% of the calculated prize. (Tip: This option suits players who are unmotivated by prize money.)
    • Optional/Other Fees

      • Play-up Fee: +28*
      • Registration Fees:
        1. +10 5/28-29 (Denker & Barber) | 6/18-19 (Rockefeller)
        2. +20 5/30-6/1 (Denker & Barber) | 6/20-22 (Rockefeller)
        3. +30 6/2-3 (Denker & Barber) | 6/23-24 (Rockefeller)
        4. onsite 6/4 (Denker & Barber) | 6/25 (Rockefeller)
      • Cancel/Change Fee: Same as the late fee; No refunds less than 48 hours before start of the tournament.
      * Play-ups are allowed only if the June Supplement rating is within 300 points of the cutoff (i.e., the minimum ratings allowed with play-up are: 9-12 1600+, 6-8 1500+, K-5 1400+). Players whose rating is higher than the rating cutoff don't have to pay a play-up fee.

Post-Registration Information

What to Expect after Registering

        • After Registering

          1. Check Processed Entries to confirm registration (available one week before the tournament).
          2. Use this form for changes/corrections.
          3. Add @bayareachess.com to safe senders to receive emails with orientation and other notifications.
          4. Reconfirm the email address and other information in your profile.
          5. Check this page the day before the tournament for orientation information.
          6. Contact us for any questions or suggestions.
      • Financial Transparency

        1. The entry fees for members are slightly lower based on a donation by the Azhar Family.
        2. The entry fees for non-members are slightly higher due to inflation and the extra cost of COVID prevention protocols.
      • What's Expected?

        1. US Chess and CalChess memberships are required; if you're not a current member, you must renew/signup with your tournament registration so we can process and reconcile your entry.
        2. June 2022 Supplement and TD discretion will be used to place players accurately.
        3. We may adjust round times if needed (but it is unlikely).
        4. Be nice to everyone!