2022 US Amateur NATIONAL Championship Online on June 4 and June 25

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For players rated under 2200 of all ages regardless of their location (in the USA and beyond)!
Technically, June 4 is West and June 25 is South but players from all over the world can participate in both.

US National Championship This is a NATIONAL Championship Event approved by US Chess Federation!

Prize Fund and Awards

Win Customized Clocks and/or Gift Certificates!

  • Awards & Prizes (for both June 4 & June 25)

    Section Eligibility 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
    All Clock Clock Clock $30 $30
    u 2000 Clock Clock $30

    All Clock Clock Clock $30 $30
    u 1600 Clock Clock $30

    (under 1400)
    All Clock Clock Clock $30 $30
    u 1200 Clock Clock $30

    Scholastic XE
    All Clock Clock Clock $30 $30
    u 1200 Clock Clock $30

    Scholastic FG
    All Clock Clock Clock $30 $30
    u 800 Clock Clock $30

    Scholastic Hx
    (under 600)
    All Clock Clock Clock $30 $30
    u 400 Clock Clock $30

    Unrated All Clock $30 $20

    Blitz Open 70% of entry fees returned as online gift certificates.
    Scholastic 70% of entry fees returned as online gift certificates.

  1. The winners of clocks will receive DGT North American (or equivalent) clock with personalized plates (in the mail after fairplay checking that can take 2-4 weeks)
  2. The winners of the gift certificates will get a choice between Chess Equipment and Tournaments.
  3. We will email all gift certificates to the winners.

June 4 & June 25

        1. Online Registration closes at 11:59p PDT on the night before the tournament starts.
        2. All sections in all tournaments are based on June 2022 US Chess Federation rating. We will use online, OTB, or assigned rating (as we deem appropriate).
        3. The main event is 5 rounds with the round times below (based on the section).
          1. Each round will start at (or around) the scheduled start time.
          2. You are free to do what you wish until the start of the next round as long as you are back a few minutes before the next round's scheduled start time.
        4. The Blitz is 10 rounds with the start time listed below.
          1. The first round starts at (or around) the start time of the tournament.
          2. Round 2 and later will start as soon as all the previous round's games in each section are completed.
          3. We will use lichess pairing system to start each round automatically. (Please keep that in mind if you step away from your playing device.)

Fees & Discounts

Please register early to save your money and our time!

    • Entry Fees

      Event Fee
      Main Event 48
      Blitz Event 22

      Registration Fees

      Fee June 4 Event June 25 Event
      0 by May 26 by Jun 16
      +13 May 27-31 June 17-21
      +17 June 1-2 June 22-23
      +23 June 3 June 24
    • Buy More & Save with All-Access Pass
      [available until Sun May 29]

      Pass Type Includes Discounted
      All Access Both Main &
      Both Blitz
      112 28 (20%)
      Main Access Both Main 82 14 (15%)
      Blitz Access Both Blitz 37 7 (15%)
      All Day Access Main & Blitz on either day 59 11 (15%)
    • Other/Optional Fees

      1. Cancel/Change Fee: Same as registration fee at the time.
      2. No refunds after less than 24 hours before the tournament starts.
      3. Blitz Late Fees: +7 on the day of the tourney.

Registration Information

What to Expect Before and After Registering

          • Before Registering

            1. Scholastic sections are open only to players rated under 2200 who were in grade PK-12 during the academic year 2021-22.
            2. Non-scholastic sections are open to all players rated under 2200, regardless of age.
            3. Players may play in a higher section (based on their rating/grade), but may not play in a lower section.
        • Financial Transparency

          1. The average fees are the same as last year despite inflation and the extra cost of COVID prevention protocols because we are banking on more entries.
          2. Please encourage your friends and family to register and support our recovery.
        • After Registering

          1. Check Processed Entries to confirm registration (available one week before the tournament).
          2. Use this form to request changes/corrections.
          3. Add @bayareachess.com to safe senders to receive emails with orientation and other notifications.
          4. Read welcome orientation to plan for the tournament.
          5. Contact us for any questions or suggestions.
          6. Authenticate your account on lichess.org
          7. Reconfirm the email address and other information in your profile.
          8. Attend Zoom (Meeting ID 91847146324) townhall meeting(s) at 7pm PDT on one or more of the following dates:
            1. Sunday, May 29
            2. Thursday, June 2
            3. Sunday, June 19
            4. Thursday, June 23
    • What's New?

      1. The 2022 US Amateur National Championships (West and South) will be held on online this year.
    • What's Expected?

      1. We will use SwissSys with USChess pairing rules to pair and start each round manually.
      2. Be nice to everyone!