• 2014-15 CalChess Super States
    Saturday and/or Sunday, May 2-3 @ Santa Clara Convention Center (map)
    Blitz: Friday, May 1 @ Milpitas, BAC Office (map)
    Bughouse: Saturday, May 2 @ Santa Clara Convention Center (map)

    K, K-3, K-5, and K-6 Championships will be called Lonsdale Elementary Championships to thank Joe Lonsdale for his sponsorship of the event!

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    Reserve Santa Clara Biltmore Hotel for May 2-3 - Hotel Full

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    Dear Players, Parents, Coaches, and Friends:
    Warm welcome to 40th CalChess State Scholastic Championship at the Santa Clara Convention Center! Enjoy the largest State even that brings together over 1000 enthusiastic chess players.
    This year, we'll have all one-day sections on Sunday, May 3rd and the sections with 2-day schedule will run Saturday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 3rd.
    Please, read the updates carefully as the CalChess board has announced some updates recently.
    We are preparing special surprise events for all players and parents, so stay tuned.
    We hope that you'll have a great time, and great competition. Should you have any question, please, don't hesitate to reach out by emailing us.

    Chief Organizer and your chess mom in service,
    Judit Sztaray
    This is a State Tournament authorized by CalChess and US Chess Federation (USCF)! The winners of this event will be crowned State Champions!
  • Individual Prizes

    Main Event: Top 40players with winning record in each section.
    Blitz: Top 10 players with winning record in each section
    Bughouse: Trophies to both players of the top 3 teams with a winning record in each section.

    Team Prizes

    Main Event: Top 10 schools and clubs in each section
    A team is TWO (2) or more players from a school or club in the same section. There will be a paralell school and club team competition. Top four players' scores count for the team total.
    Blitz: Trophies to the top 3 schools and 3 clubs in each section (minimum two players/team and Top four players' scores count for the team total.
    Bughouse: Trophies to both players of the top 3 teams with a winning record in each section. (Section determined by higher grade team member.)

    Trophy Pick-up

    It is always best if you collect the trophy awards at the awards presentation. However, if you can't receive your trophy at the award ceremony, please ask a friend to pick the trophies for free. Alternatively, you may ask us to pack and keep your trophies to be picked up on Sat May 9, 2014 at 4:45pm from Bay Area Chess HQ at 1639A S Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035.

    Entry Fee

    May 3 Kindergarten 49
    KG thru 3May 3 K-Gr3 unrated (Rookie)
    K-Gr3 u500 (Beginner)
    K-Gr3 500-799 (Jr Varsity)
    May 2-3 K-Gr3 800+ (Championship) 63
    KG thru 6May 3 K-Gr6 unrated (Rookie)
    K-Gr6 u500 (Beginner)
    K-Gr6 500-799 (Jr Varsity)
    May 2-3 K-Gr5 800+ (Championship)
    K-Gr6 800+ (Championship)
    KG thru 8May 3 K-Gr8 u800 (Beginner) 49
    May 2-3 K-Gr8 800-1199 (Jr Varsity)
    K-Gr8 1200+ (Championship)
    KG thru 12May 3 K-Gr12 u800 (Beginner) 49
    May 2-3 K-Gr12 800-1599 (Jr. Varsity)
    K-Gr12 1600+ (Championship, FIDE rated)
    KG-12 BlitzMay 1 K-Gr 3 Blitz
    Gr 4-6 Blitz
    Gr 7-8 Blitz
    Gr 9-12 Blitz
    KG-12 BughouseMay 2 All sections 12

    Late/Change Fees

    Late Fees: +$10 after 4/20, +$20 after 4/26, +$40 5/1 12a-5pm or Onsite
    Change Fees: $0 until 4/20, $10 4/24, $20 4/2512a-5pm or Onsite
  • Sponsor's Needed!

    We need your help to meet the increasing costs. Please sponsor or introduce any sponsors to us and we will make it worthwhile for them. Contact us for more information.

    Need Financial Aid?

    Send a letter from your principal or some other proof that you are on the school free lunch program.
    Please send a copy of the most recent payroll stub and the latest income tax return of the player's parent(s) or guardian(s) .
    Send a letter from a coach.
    Contact us for more information.

    What's New?

    1. May 2015 Supplement will be used.

    2. Free T-shirts with early registration (before 3/31). Regular Price remains the same: Pre-paid $15; onsite $20 (limited onsite availability).

    4. Need to cancel your registration? We will refund your entry fee for a service charge of $20.

    5. This year the Scholastic State Championship will have a parellel School and Club Team competition. They are separate, and compete for different prizes. Players can play for BOTH! Top 4 players scores count for team score (School or Club), and minimum of two players needed to make a team. See details on pairing rules in the FAQ.

    6. Play-up fee will only be charged if a player would like to play in a section higher than their rating category. Play-up fee based on grade has been eliminated since all sections start with Kindergarten (K-GradeX).

    Organizers and TDs

    Chief TDs: National TD Tom Langland, National TD John McCumiskey
    Chief Organizers: Judit Sztaray

    Other TDs: Jordan Langland, Richard Koepcke, Wolfgang Behm, Justin Easterday, Scott Mason, Sankar Swaminathan, and many others