• CalChess Scholastic
        Team vs. Team State Championship

        Sunday, May 19, 2019

        Fallon Middle School
        Multi Purpose Room (MPR/Cafeteria)

        3601 Kohnen Way, Dublin, CA 94568 (map)

  • Sections & Prizes

    ONE big sections
    Every team enters the same section.
    Pairing will be teams against teams.

    Players will be playing in rating order:
    Top player from each team will face the Top player from the opponent team.
    Second highest rated player will face the secton highest rated player from the opponent team, etc.

    Team average rating:
    Will be calculated using all player's rating.
    Unrated players will be counted as zeros (different than USATW.)

    Special Prizes (clocks, trophies, memberships)
    Top 3 teams overall
    Top team under1000
    Top team under500
    Top All Girls Team
    Top High School Team
    Top Middle School Team
    Top Elementary School Team
    Top Club Team

    Top 3 individual players for each Board.

  • Schedule & Fees

    Onsite Registration:
    Sunday 9:15-9:30am

    Time Control: G/30;d5 (Game in 30 minutes with 5 sec delay)
    5 rounds of USCF rated Swiss team tournament.

    Round Saturday Sunday
    1 10am 10am
    2 11:30am 11:30am
    3 1pm 1pm


    5 3:30pm 3:30pm
    Trophy Ceremony 4:30pm 4:30pm

    Tiebreaks: same team tiebreak rules are followed as applied at US Amateur Team West tournament.
    Clocks: Clock use is encouraged but optional, but may be implemented in later stage of game if it goes long.

    Entry Fee: $43 for individual player
    or $159 for registering one team

    Late fee is switched on after 5/14 midnight:
    5/14-19: +$10 per player, +$40 per team

  • FAQ regarding the Middle & High School Team Championship

    What is it and why?

    This is now third year this tournament held to determine the best elementary-, middle and high school teams in the region (and elsewhere!). It is the brainchild of Bay Area Chess and Fallon Middle School in Dublin.

    There are many weekend scholastic tournaments in northern California, with the largest being the CalChess Grade Level Championships in December, and the CalChess SuperStates in March. Participation is overwhelmingly dominated by elementary school players, and the focus is on individuals or clubs, with school teams an after-thought.

    There also used to be a student-run NorCal High School Chess League that is currently inactive. 

    We believe a team-focused tournament fills a much-needed niche - witness the strong turnout for February’s U.S. Amateur Team West Kids tournament - and will attract many middle and high school players of all levels who have either ‘retired’ from weekend tournaments or play only in their school club. We also think this is a fun format that builds camaraderie and school spirit.

    So what IS the format?
    The format will be familiar to anyone who has followed the Chess Olympiads or U.S. Pro League, or played in the U.S. Amateur Team West Kids’ tournament: a team-based, one-day Swiss tournament with each team consisting of 4 boards (players) ranked by rating (unrated players at the bottom). The goal is to win as many team matches. Tiebreaks will be determined using the same format as the U.S. Amateur Team Tournaments.

    Each team can have 1 optional alternate player to swap into matches if some players have conflicts and cannot play the entire day, or just because they want to keep players fresh. In each match, the team that is assigned white gets that color on boards 1 and 3, and black on 2 and 4, and vice-versa.

    Each team should designate a player or parent/adult as captain to communicate with the tournament director. Parents or adult coaches can be captains of only one team. Communication between captains and players is limited to advice on players offering or accepting draws (to maximize a team’s chances of winning) - no opinions about the position itself are allowed. Players who speak in a foreign language during their games will be assumed to be giving advice on positions and will be penalized accordingly.

    What if I’m homeschooled, or prefer to play on a team with my club-mates?

    No problem! While we are encouraging kids from the same school to form teams, we are 100% open to players forming teams with players of any ratings from any schools or clubs, provided they fit into the age/grade sections above.

    Clubs and schools can have multiple teams, too. Also, individual players and incomplete teams are more than welcome to register and be matched with other players/teams on-site!

    Don’t worry! Similar to the U.S. Amateur Team West, all players who have registered will find a team to play. Please come to the tournament 30 minutes early and check in with the tournament director so they help match you up!

    Can teams from outside of the Bay Area participate?

    Yes! We invite teams from Sacramento and northwards, central California and even our friends from Southern California to come and play!

    We especially encourage school clubs whose members do NOT usually play in weekend tournaments. If there is ONE tournament that you want to play this year, this is IT.

    What are the sections?
    This year we'll have only one section with all the teams. We'll be awarding special prizes for teams with all players from High-School, Middle School and Elementary school. Special prizes to All Girls team, etc.

    Can schools have multiple teams?

    Will it be USCF Rated?
    Also, there are no guidelines for maximum or minimum ratings for players or teams

    Normal USCF tournament rules DO apply, including touch move:

    1. If you touch a piece when it is your turn, you must move it if it is legal;
    2. If you touch an enemy piece, you must capture it;
    3. If you let go of your piece even by accident on a legal square, you must leave it there;
    4. You must say “adjust” before touching a piece to exempt yourself from above rules


  • TDs and Organizers

    Tournament Directors:
    NTD Tom Langland, NTD John McCumiskey
    STD Jordan Langland, STD Judit Sztaray

    Organizers: Contact organizer
    Dr. Judit Sztaray
  • Location

    Tournament site: Fallon Middle School

    3601 Kohnen Way, Dublin, CA 94568 (map)

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