• 2019 US National Amateur KIDS Team West

    Saturday, February 16, 2019

    5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054
    Santa Clara Convention Center (map)

    This is a National Tournament authorized by US Chess Federation (USCF)!

    The Scholasitc Side Event is a one day event organized for the youth with rating under 1200.
    If you are over Age 18 and would like to participate the Main Event, please visit www.bayareachess.com/usatw.


    Team Prizes

    Trophies to each player in:
    Top 3 Teams overall
    Top Team u900
    Top Team u600
    Top Team u300

    Top All Girls team
    Top School team
    Top Club team

    Individual Prizes

    Trophies to top 2 scorers on each board.
    Commemorative medals to all players.

    Sections and Schedules

    1 section with Team Swiss pairings:
    Minimum 4 players, maximum 6 players on a team roster.
    Top 4 player rating counts towards the team rating.
    Max 4 players can play in any given round, players must sit in rating order.
    Average rating for scholastic teams needs to be u1200 (Jan 2019 rating supplement)

    Onsite Registration:
    Saturday 8-9am
    Time Control: G/30 d5
    Round Starting Time
    1 10 am
    2 11:30 am
    3 1 pm
    4 2:20 pm
    5 3:40 pm

    Entry Fee - Registration

    If you don't have a team and want to register,
    or team members register separately:
    $49 (individual)
    Please, contact us that you need a team and we will find you one!

    Full team registration (4 or more players):
    $179 (team)

    Late fee After 2/11 and onsite:
    $15 per Player
    $60 per team

    FAQ regarding Team registration and pairing

    Don't have a Team?
    You can still play. Just register as an individual and we will help you find a team by:
    1. Posting your name in the entries as someone looking for a team so teams may contact you through us. Please note that we will share your contact information with registered teams only.
    2. Posting teams who are looking players and forwarding your information upon your request.

    Please understand that due to large interest in this tournament, our priority is to help players and team who have registered to find teams. So please, register and we will help you!
    In the past, all players who have registered have always found a team to play. Sometimes, they have to wait until the day of the tournament and we help recruit players onsite among parents and coaches of registered players. Nevertheless, they have always found a team.

    How to register multiple members in one team?
    When you select the team registration, using one of the team member's user ID and password, please indicate the other three player's names, and USCF IDs in the Additional Notes section that is right below the section list. Alternatively, you can email us the players' names on your team.

    Some Guidelines for the Team Championship rules

    * The average of the team rating must be under 2200
    * 2019 January rating supplement is used to calculate the team average .
    * The maximum difference between any two consecutive boards cannot be greater than 1000 points.
    * The players must play in the order of their rating: the highest rated player in any team must play Board1, the second highest rated on Board2, the third highest rated on Board 3 and the lowest rated in the team on Board4.
    * Unrated players do not count in the average, the team average is based on the rated players. Unrated players must play Board4. If you have 2 unrated they have to pick who is Board3 and who is Board4 and stick with that assignment. (no variation to 31C)
    * Teams who have started in the 3-day schedule can withdraw and re-enter for the 2-day schedule.They must choose a different team name.
    * Team that wins the Amateur Team West Championship title qualifies for the National Playoff online championship.

    Some Guidelines for the Scholastic Team Championship rules
    * The average of the team rating must be under 1200.
    * The individual rating for any player in a scholastic team can be over 1200.
    * The maximum difference between any two consecutive boards cannot be greater than 1000 points.

    Organizers and TDs

    Chief TDs: National TD Tom Langland and National TD John McCumiskey
    Chief Organizers: Judit Sztaray, PhD and Abel Talamantez

    Other TDs: Richard Koepcke, Jordan Langland

    Site & Accomodation

    Tournament site:
    Santa Clara Convention Center
    5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (map)
    Accessible by VTA, ACE

    Reserve room NOW at Biltmore Hotel @ Santa Clara

    $99 - Cutoff date: 2/1/19
    Biltmore Hotel and Suites
    2151 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054
    Phone: 408-988-8411
    To make reservation via phone, please call the hotel directly at (408) 988-8411
    and mention the
    Booking ID # 36711 to get the special group rate.

Terms and Conditions
 - Refund policy - Accessibility & Special Accomodation