We invite you to the Official CalChess State Championship Events.
(Approved by CalChess and US Chess Federation.)
See details below.

2022-23 CalChess Scholastic
Super States Championship League

Stay at pre-COVID rates ($99) at:
Sonesta Silicon Valley on 1820 Barber Ln, (South) Milpitas
or Sonesta San Jose on 777 Bellew Dr, (North) Milpitas

Tourney Location Date Rating
Rockefeller (PK-5)
Barber (6-8)
Denker (9-12)
Sonesta San Jose
on 777 Bellew Dr
(North) Milpitas
Qualifiers on Jun. 3 & 4
PreQualifiers on Jun. 3
Jun. ’23 May. 17, ’23

Three Winners will be the CalChess Representative to represent CalChess in the National Tournament of Champions!
See details

Welcome to the Chessiest Place on Earth!
Live Entries based on start date:
Processed Entries:
The registration may close anytime (whenever we reach capacity under health and safety protocols)!
We will share the detailed orientation information a few days before each tourney weekend.

Registration Information
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      • What’s Expected?

          1. Come as you are!
          2. US Chess and CalChess memberships are required; if you’re not a current member, you must renew/signup with your tournament registration so we can process and reconcile your entry.
          3. We may adjust round times if needed (but it is unlikely).
          4. Be nice to everyone!
      • What’s New?

        1. The CalChess SuperStates and Grade Level Championship are spread over several weekends.
    • Post-Registration Instructions

      1. Check Processed Entries to confirm registration two weeks before the event date.
      2. Use the change form for all changes and corrections. (Please do not request changes via email.)
      3. Add @bayareachess.com to safe senders to receive emails with orientation and other notifications.
      4. Reconfirm the email address, grade, USCF ID (if available), and other information in your profile.
      5. Contact us for any questions or suggestions.
    • Financial Transparency

        1. The entry fees for members are slightly lower based on a donation by the Azhar Family.
        2. The entry fees for non-members are slightly higher due to inflation and the extra cost of COVID prevention protocols.

Play-up Rules Click here to expand/contract this section like an accordion.

    • The Play-up fee is 28 (BAC members pay 21). Players may
      • Play in their natural section without a play-up fee.
      • Play up one section above their natural section by paying a play-up fee.

Schedule & Fees Details
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    1. Time Controls
      1. G/M dS means each player gets M minutes/game and S seconds/move (before the clock starts running).
      2. G/M +S means each player gets M minutes/game and a bonus of S seconds after every move.
    2. Please request a bye If you will miss a game for any reason.
      1. You may request a bye while registering using the Additional notes field.
      2. You may request a bye after registering using the change form.
      3. Missing a game without requesting a bye results in an automatic removal because making other players wait without a game is bad etiquette.
      4. ½-point byes are available for all rounds except the last game.
      5. 0-point byes are available for the last round
      6. A maximum of one ½-point bye is allowed for each player per section. ’ Any other byes must be 0-point byes. If you request more than one bye, we will give you a ½-point for the latest round possible (and 0-point bye(s) for all other games).
    3. Click on the spreadsheet below and scroll down to see all tournaments. You may also open the spreadsheet in a separate window using this link.
    4. Late Fees: +10 (5-6 days before tournament) | +20 (3-4 days before tournament) | +30 (1-2 days before tournament) | +40 onsite
    5. Cancel Fee: Same as the late fee; No refunds 2 days before the tournament.